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General Manager of Borzen about the action taken in times of global pandemic

General Manager of Borzen, Karlo Peršolja about the action taken in times of global pandemic:

"During the global pandemic regarding COVID-19, we are making sure that our business operations are running smoothly and efficiently. We have adapted our operating procedures to the current situation and advised our employees to work from home. However, we have provided adequate safe conditions for a handful of employees who work from the office. In this way, we are doing our part to help prevent the potential spread of infections and are making our best efforts to be socially responsible.

Our sense of social responsibility is directed also towards our business partners and clients. We continuously strive to create simplified business operations, whether in adapting our business processes or in establishing new digital channels intended for conducting business with us. We are preparing to implement some additional measures in this area.

We are closely monitoring the situation and responding promptly to it and I promise we will continue to do so in the following weeks."




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