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We support our business partners during these difficult times

In these challenging times, we try to support our business partners through various measures. We are aware that both business operations and life itself are currently carried out in different way and that is why we decided to:

  • simplify and adapt certain business operations and processes,
  • place even more focus on digital business activity,
  • extend some application deadlines,
  • contact all beneficiaries of the Centre for Support who have not yet issued their invoices electronically and encouraged them to send invoices in an electronic format,
  • make every effort to process the invoices of the Centre for Support beneficiaries faster and to make payments within the shortest time,
  • strive to communicate with every one of you and listen to your wishes,
  • remain available to all business partners at a time when most of our employees work from home.

We will continue to be here for you and will keep up the good work.

Stay healthy.


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