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Changes on Slovenian balancing market

Due to the Single Intraday Coupling (SIDC or formerly known as XBID), we have amended the List of products, bid restrictions and types of restrictions on the balancing market, which will be valid as of 19 November 2019 for products with delivery from 20 November 2019.

Changes to the document:

  • For ease of separation between Slovenian Balancing Market and Intraday trading within the Single Intraday Coupling project (SIDC or formerly known as XBID), we have added a product group name to the product definition as specified in the trading application;
  • The possibility of trading with standardized products (Base and Peak) has been removed;
  • We have additionally added the ability to input quantities to 0.1 MW accurately.

Balancing market members have the option to provide comments to the Market Operator on the proposed changes within ten days of the publication of the list.



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