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Martin Bratanič, General Manager of Borzen

Martin Bratanič's 35-year professional career has been very diverse and strongly associated with a variety of development projects, including the projects in the energy sector. He holds a university degree in transport technology and his professional path has taken him from the fields of public administration, research and development to the economic sector.

Mr. Bratanič has gained valuable experience in a wide variety of working teams, and the time he spent working as the head of the cabinet at the Slovenian Ministry of the Economy has been one of the most interesting periods of his career. After almost 10 years of managing the Posavje Regional Development Agency, he joined Borzen on 1 November 2020 as the company's new general manager, with a vision that the market operator would become a key facilitator and co-creator of the Slovenian energy market.

Among his key achievements, Mr. Bratanič proudly highlights his engagement in various projects, including the projects on the international level, which have contributed to economic progress, improvement of the environment and greater well-being, especially in the Posavje region, i.e. development projects such as the Phoenix Business and Logistics Centre, establishment of the Posavje Local Action Group (LAS), Posavje regional scholarship scheme and others. He strongly believes in social responsibility and transfer of knowledge, as is evident from his commitment to the establishment of three Slovenian faculties, namely the Faculty of Tourism in Brežice, the Faculty of Energy in Krško and the Faculty of Logistics in Celje.

He upgraded his knowledge and skills by attending various trainings and participated in different seminars, conferences and workshops, both in Slovenia and abroad. Among other things, he also attended training courses for becoming a member of supervisory boards or boards of directors. He then occupied these positions in the following companies: Geoplin Plinovodi, Gen energija and Slovenian Compensation Company. He was also the President of the Public Agency of the Republic of Slovenia for Entrepreneurship and Foreign Investments and a member of the Supervisory Board of INTERREG IPA. Currently, he holds a position of the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of INFRA and SODO. He is also the member of the National Committee for Transnational Programmes and Interregional Programmes Interreg Europe and Interact, the Chairman of the NGO and non-profit organisation TERIS and the member of the Sava Commission Council.

Mr. Bratanič is a big fan of music. He likes to spend his free time doing sports and is a proud holder of the title of master of martial arts. In the past, he passed his knowledge to younger generations through his coaching role and by working in different sports clubs.