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​Balance Group Establishment

All legal or natural persons who wish to establish a Balance Group and become an active member of the electricity market must submit an application for obtaining the Balance Scheme Responsible status, along with all necessary evidence of complying with conditions, to the Power Market Operator.

Necessary evidence of complying with the conditions for obtaining the Balance Scheme Responsible status is:

  • a tax registration certificate or VAT identification number, if the applicant is a person taxable for value-added tax;

  • an extract from the court or similar register including the latest amendments, except when the Market Operator can obtain the extract from the Slovenian public electronic records free of charge;

  • a company’s balance sheet and profit and loss account and/or annual report for the last three years of operations or for the whole period of operations in the case of a shorter period of operations which indicate short-term solvency, permanent liquidity and long-term solvency, as well as capital adequacy in accordance with the provisions contained in the Financial Operations, Insolvency Proceedings and Compulsory Dissolution Act.

  • A document confirming that the person signing the application request, and at a later stage the Balancing Agreement, is authorised to do so (in case this is not clear from the court or similar register).

The process and conditions for inclusion in the Balance Scheme are specified in chapter 3 of the Rules on the operation of the electricity market (Official Gazette of the RS, no. 74/18, also available: Unofficial consolidated text of the Rules on the operation of electricity market).

After all conditions are met and all required documents are submitted, the Power Market Operator prepares a Balancing Agreement, which is signed by the Balance Responsible Party. A Balance Group can start to operate on the electricity market after submitting financial guarantees and meeting all required conditions. An establishment of the Balance Group is published on the Market Operator’s website.