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Borzen has, for more than a decade, been actively involved in the development of the electricity market, as well as in the domestic and international energy policy arena. With many successfully performed projects, we have left lasting footprints.

We would like to share our experiences with you. Please, feel free to contact us for more information about opportunities in which you can participate. You may find several on-going as well as some conducted relevant projects below.

Key fields:

1. Market operation, power exchange operation

  • Implementation of online continuous and auction trading for the “day-ahead” (spot) electricity market (transferred to daughter company BSP SouthPool since November 2008);
  • Implementation of “day-ahead” auctions for the allocation of available interconnection capacities;
  • Yearly auctions (ancillary services (network losses); one sided, pay-as-bid auction; preferentially dispatched electrical energy (one sided, uniform price auction); ancillary services (minute reserve and tertiary regulation of frequency - one sided, pay-as-bid auction);
  • Balance scheme operation, notification of bilateral contracts, imbalances settlement, and preliminary dispatch schedules (ongoing);
  • Balancing market (in cooperation with company BSP SouthPool) (ongoing);
  • Development of proprietary web-based, single-seller, multi-algorithm auction application (“ADA-TS”; e.g. http://avkcije.borzen.si) used for renewable energy auctions (ongoing);
  • Implementation of clearing and financial settlement for the electricity traded on day ahead market (ongoing);
  • Implementation of clearing and financial settlement for the imbalances settlement (ongoing).

2. Operation of related markets – renewables

  • Wood Biomass Exchange;
  • Registry for Guarantees of Origin (http://poi.borzen.si) – upgraded to EECS GOO and EECS RECS, including AIB HUB transfer (ongoing);
  • Centre for RES/CHP Support (new Slovenian feed-in support scheme for electricity from renewable energy sources and high efficiency cogeneration) (ongoing).

3. Design, development and deployment of software solutions for the energy sector

  • Electricity – auction trading, continuous trading;
  • Application for recording of bilateral agreements and the production of dispatch schedules (ongoing);
  • Single-seller auction trading application based on the Anglo-Dutch algorithm (web-based, 16 supported algorithms; developed for foreign energy sector client) (ongoing);
  • Algorithms for flow-based market coupling (continuous and auction-based);
  • Guarantees of Origin Registry (design, development) (ongoing).