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Participation in Projects

Borzen is very much involved in the events of the Slovenian and European energy market. We believe that the integration and collaboration of different actors, along with their skills and experience, can create added value.

We are proud of our regular participation in a variety of projects, thereby contributing to the development of the energy market. We are open to various forms of cooperation and look forward to new challenges and projects, so we invite you to contact us.

In the past, Borzen participated in the pan-European eBADGE (http://www.ebadge-fp7.eu/) project for the preparation of tools for the integration of renewable energy sources and so called “virtual power plants” in the cross-border balancing market, on the example of the trilateral market of Italy – Slovenia – Austria. The purpose of the consortium project, in which 13 European companies participate, is to propose an optimal pan-European balancing mechanism that should be able to integrate the concept of the virtual power plant (which is usually used in conjunction with small, decentralised production – i.e. the RES unit), which should conceptually provide a generally acceptable solution. The role of Borzen is mainly to provide professional support for the assessment of the individual architectural alternatives for setting such an instrument. We expect the project to provide the relevant conclusions via two tasks – both in terms of the establishment of the balancing market (where, according to European guidelines, sooner rather than later, cross-border integration shall be required) and in terms of the potential additional role of the portfolios of producers of the renewable sources operated by Borzen.

The result of participation in the past is, among other things, the much-noticed 'Energy Training for Southeast Europe', within the framework of which we conceived and conducted, together with the Embassy of the United Kingdom of Great Britain, the Slovenian Ministry of the Economy and the Centre for European Perspective, eight multi-day professional training programmes. The aim of the project was to share knowledge and experience in the field of energy markets with South-East European countries. Participants were from a wide SEE area, including Moldova, Turkey and Ukraine.