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Applicative Solutions and Services

Borzen is a development- and innovation-oriented company. With our professional team of co-workers, we have developed many innovative solutions in a variety of fields.

We would like to share our development solutions and knowledge, so we invite you to contact us.


Application for trading

The ADA-TS trading system is a web application that is used for single-seller auction trading. An example of its use is available at: http:\\avkcije.borzen.si. This application is distinguished by its ease of use (requires only a web browser), as well as its security, since access (except for visitors) is limited by the use of a software digital certificate. At the same time, since it is a web application, classical website tasks such as news, documents and links are provided. The major advantage of ADA-TS, when compared with related applications designed for single-seller auctions, is its wide range of supported algorithms – including the so called “Anglo-Dutch algorithm”, which also gives it the name. This application was developed for the needs of a foreign gas market client, but today, it is also used for the annual auctions of part of the energy from the Eco Balance Group of the Centre for Support. It is available for licencing or customization for tailor-made auctions.


Portal – Web application

The Box-GO Guarantee of Origin Registry (https:\\poi.borzen.si) is a computer support application for guarantees of origin. It makes feasible to users the issue, transfer and cancellation of guarantees of origin over the Internet. Different lists supported by the Guarantee of Origin Registry enable a permanent overview of user’s accounts. The Guarantee of Origin Registry consists of a web portal and data collection, whereby the web portal serves as a point for the overview, entry, and printing of desired data, whereas the database contains all information regarding the issue, transfer, printing, and cancellation of guarantees of origin. The issue of several types of guarantees of origin (national, EECS and RECS) and the transfer of guarantees of origin to foreign registers is made possible (through the so-called AIB HUB registry). The Registry also makes issuing guarantees of origin for so called “grey” electricity production methods (coal, nuclear, natural gas, etc.) possible. It is available for licencing.


Information system for data Exchange

Borzen has developed and established an information system for electronic data exchange. Besides secure data exchange, this application also allows for the storage of sent and received documents, searching archives, manually changing data, manually entering documents, and reporting system and other useful functionality. Thus, automated exchange and data transfer is enabled without the need for manual data copying, hence improving the reliability of data and services and reducing the possibility of errors. This application is used in the electricity market for the implementation of imbalance settlement.


Clearing and financial Settlement

Borzen has established and developed a clearing function, which includes clearing, financial settlement and risk management. The clearing house enters into a concluded transaction as a counterparty, which means that it becomes the buyer to the seller and the seller to the buyer. The clearing function includes the calculation of financial liabilities and claims of a particular clearing member, the determination of a particular member’s margin after offsetting mutual liabilities and receivables, the calculation of available financial guarantees and the financial settlement of net liability. Borzen has established and developed an information system for clearing transactions concluded on the power exchange (ISOB), which makes possible:

  • the gathering of trading data from trading applications,
  • the generation of purchase and sale invoices (in the name and on the account of the seller) and offsets in the event that a member has, on a particular settlement day, claims and liability related to the exchange,
  • electronic invoice and offset sending,
  • the calculation of a member's available financial coverage for the next trading day.

Application for the forecasting of renewable and CHP energy production

Borzen developed a web application that is used to produce high-quality short-term (hourly) and long-term forecasts of distributed electricity production, mainly from renewable sources (RES) and co-generation of heat and power (CHP). It uses complex predictive models for different types of production technologies. Application also enables a user-friendly adjustment of models through changes of parameters and coefficients – thus improving the quality of forecasts. In addition, the application is built in such a way that new predictive models, both general or plant-specific, can be installed. It features a powerful analytical module that allows the monitoring of the quality of predictive modelling, simulation using different predictive models for different historical periods, etc. There is also a built-in procedure that validates input data, which is a common problem of forecasting with high-frequency inputs and outputs. With this application it is thus possible to quickly and efficiently implement the process of forecasting hourly electricity production from smaller, distributed sources.