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On 16 March 2022 the European continental electricity system synchronized successfully with the Ukrainian and Moldavian ones. However, this brought European support to a country in great need, but the synchronization could lead to further impacts on the electricity system of other countries nearby. Project Farcross, where Borzen is a partner, is working in hardware and software tools to enhance cross-border capacity for the electricity flows that could effectively mitigate these new risks alrea...
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The termination of Balance group membership

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As of 1 May 2022 STATKRAFT Markets GmbH will no longer be a member of Slovenian Balance group. The entire list of member is available via link.
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As of 31st  March 2022 the termination of Balance Scheme membership for company ELEKTRO PRODAJA E.U. d.o.o. will come into force. As of 31. 03. 2022, membership in the Balance Scheme also ceases for companies ENERGIJA DIREKT d.o.o. and ADRIAPLIN d.o.o. These companies were included in the Balance Scheme based on compensation agreements concluded with ELEKTRO PRODAJA E.U. d.o.o., which is from 31. 03. 2022 onwards no longer a member of the Slovenian Electricity Balance Scheme. The Entire Balance...
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At the end of 2021 the feed-in system included 3.811 power plants with a combined installed capacity of 415 MWe. In the period from January to December 2021 a total of 83 power plants entered the system. The total electricity production within the support system increased by 1,1 % compared to the same period in 2020 (jan-dec 2021 vs. jan-dec 2020). The difference in support payments was positive by 2,7 %. More information available in Periodic Report. 
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In relation to the document (available in Slovene language only) describing the new concept of imbalance settlement model, published on 28 February 2022, Borzen publishes test imbalance prices, calculated in accordance with the proposed method. The data were calculated using real balancing data, used in the process of imbalance settlement for the year 2021. Beside the prices for the proposed model, weighed average model (»TPC«), we also publish (for comparison purposes) prices calculated accordi...
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As a step in the renewal of the Electricity Market Rules, Borzen publishes a document, outlining the proposed changes of the Imbalance Settlement process. The document, available in Slovenian language only, contains a description of the new proposed calculation of imbalance prices, as one of the major changes in the forthcoming new Market Rules. The proposal is based on the requirements of the following documents:• Energy Supply Act (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, No. 172/21)•...
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Borzen launches a public consultation on the Rules on Amendments to the Rules on the Operation of the Electricity Market. The amendments to the Rules on the Operation of the Electricity Market bring changes in the field of ensuring additional stability and proper functioning of the electricity market, which is also related to the expected changes in other regulations regarding the retail markets, especially the Rules on the system operation of electricity distribution network (SONDSEE). The mec...
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Termination of Balance Scheme Membership

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As of 19 February 2022, Company Green Network UK Plc will no longer be a member in Slovenian Balance Scheme. The Entire Balance Scheme list is available here.
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With the start of the year 2021 Slovenian electricity market switches to a 15-minute ISP. In the spring, we commemorated 20 years of Borzen’s founding and 20 years of establishment of the Slovenian electricity market. Overview of the significant events also integrate a new web portal, that enables the interested general public to access data about Slovenian electricity market. In particular, we will remember the year at Borzen after the adoption of new laws and regulations, within which we were...
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Deviation prices and SIPX index in 2021

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In 2021 the average value of the derived price for negative C'neg deviations ranged from 58.25 EUR / MWh in February to 288.40 EUR / MWh in December. And the average value for positive C’pos deviations ranged from 34.62 EUR / MWH in February to 207.77 EUR / MWh in December. The largest difference between C’neg and C’pos was expectedly marked in December (80.63 EUR /MWh), the lower difference was marked in March (22.34 EUR). The average difference between C’neg and C’pos in 2021 was 48.86 EU...
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