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Borzen, the Slovenian power market operator, in performing its role as Centre for RES/CHP support will sell the electricity from the ECO Group for the year 2023 (an estimated quantity of 97 GWh) in the same way as in the previous years, i.e. indirectly by transferring the whole ECO group to another Balance Scheme Member’s balancing group or subgroup. For that purpose an Auction will be organized, at which participants will be asked to bid the highest price in EUR/MWh for all the electricity pro...
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Borzen, the Slovenian Power Market Operator, is responsible for issuing the Rules on the Operation of the Electricity Market. Borzen has prepared new draft Rules with changes which include amendments based on the imbalance settlement concept publicly consulted in February (link) and June (link) and additionally with changes demanded by Slovenian Electricity Supply Act and by Electricity Balancing Guideline (Commission Regulation (EU) 2017/2195). The public consultation is open from 19 September...
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On 31 August 2022, Mr Martin Bratanič ended his mandate as the General Manager of Borzen. The Supervisory Board of the company appointed Mr Borut Rajer, a long term Director of Operations at Borzen, to the position of the company’s General Manager from 1 September 202 for a two-year mandate, but at the latest until the appointment of a General Manager with a full mandate.
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The termination of Balance group membership

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As of 31 of August 2022 VERBUND Energy4Business GmbH (previously VERBUND Trading GmbH) will no longer be a member of Slovenian Balance group. The entire list of members is available here.
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In September, an upgrade of the application for trading on the balancing market (M7) is expected, which will affect a minor change in the selection of a certain type of order. Exact date of the change or the upgrade has not been determined and is expected to be sometime in early September. The amended document The list of products, bid restrictions and types of restrictions on the Balancing Market – valid from September 2022 is available at the link: In point 2, the text is corrected so tha...
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We would like to inform you that the Government of the Republic of Slovenia has adopted the »Regulation on the determination of electricity prices«, published in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia no. 95/2022 of 14/07/2022. The regulation enters into force today, 15/07/2022. It starts to be used from 01/09/2022 and is valid until 31/08/2023. The regulation concerns suppliers of electricity to final customers, as it determines the maximum permitted retail price of electricity for h...
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Following the public hearing held on 28 February 2022 - 28 March 2022, on the Concept of the new model of imbalance settlement and the publication of test prices – New model of imbalance settlement – test data, Borzen, the electricity market operator, is publishing an updated and partially extended document Concept of a imbalance settlement, which also takes into account the comments received. The purpose of the document is to inform the members of the balance scheme and to inform the interes...
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We are extremely pleased that the result of the survey about satisfaction of users of the power market operator's services are also at an extremely high level, as 93 % of respondents are satisfied with Borzen and the performance of its employees overall (the sum of very satisfied and satisfied). We thank you for your trust – we promise we will keep trying to do our best.  
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Company E.ON Energija d.o.o. will maintain the Balance Scheme membership from 1 September 2022 as Balance Responsible Party in Balance Group HSE d.o.o.
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After the constitutive meeting, dated 14 June 2022, the Board is operating in the following composition: Mojca Veljkovič, Chairman; Ivana Nedižavec Korada, Vice-Chairman; Žiga Fišer, Member.
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