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Borzen's business performance in 2020

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Year 2020 was a special year that was strongly marked by the coronavirus epidemic in all areas. During this period, Borzen ensured uninterrupted operations at all levels of the company, and with that smooth performance of the public utility service and the smooth operation of the electricity market. In addition, we have prepared a number of adjustments and simplifications of procedures for our business partners and users, particularly on the account of even stronger digitalization.

We ended the business year with a profit of EUR 1.13 million, recording a decrease in the amount of electricity reported in closed contracts, which otherwise added up to 82.2 TWh. In recent years, there has also been a declining trend in the number of registered closed contracts on the market in Slovenia. The reasons are diverse and mostly related to the development of the market, but the reduction in the number of entities operating in the Slovenian electricity market is certainly important, as the latter has decreased by almost twenty percent since 2017. Another important factor is the interconnection on the intra-day market, which has enabled the implicit allocation of physical intra-day cross-border transmission capacities at the Slovenian-Austrian and Slovenian-Croatian borders. Within the Support Ccheme, EUR 124.7 million in subsidies were paid and 962.2 GWh of electricity were produced, which represents about ten percent of the installed capacity in our country. As part of informing and raising awareness about sustainable energy, we carried out a number of projects, including a series of energy management events for the public sector, the installation of another energy-coloured playground, this time in the municipality of Koper, and the collection of sustainable energy comics.

You are invited to read more detailed information on the company's business performance in 2020 in Borzen's Annual Report for 2020.

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