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Usage of the 25/23 system in imbalance settlement

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Borzen, d.o.o., the Slovenian Electricity Market Operator has – according to paragraph 5 of Article 78 of the Electricity Market Rules (Official Gazzete of RS, 74/18 and 62/19) – made the decision to start using the 25/23 system when switching to or from daylight saving time. The change will be implemented in October 2020.

Currently, the time change is handled by using either 0 MWh values for the non-existent interval or using aggregate values of doubled intervals. This change is due to a planned implementation of a new IT system at Borzen.

According to paragraph 4 of Article 90 of the aforementioned Rules, this change will also affect the setting of the SIPXobri price index.

Imbalance settlement reports will be updated accordingly.

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