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One thousand concluded transactions on Slovenian balancing Market

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Total number of concluded transactions from the establishing of Balancing Market in October 2012 until today reached 1.000 in total volume of 126.917 MWh. Of these, 26.099 MWh represented the purchase of balancing energy and 100.818 MWh represented the sale of balancing energy intended for the settlement of imbalances in the electricity system. Most transactions, a total of 446 were concluded with block products in total volume of 100.529 MWh. The lowest price for the selling of balancing energy reached -35 EUR/MWh on 20.4.2014 and the highest price for the purchase of balancing energy reached 160 EUR/MWh on 26.5.2014. Membership in the Balancing Market reached 39 members, of these 14 were involved in transactions. Balancing Market, thus fulfills its mission and provides greater transparency and efficiency for Market Participants.

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