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We would like to inform you that our office will be closed during the holidays, from April 28th to April 30th. We will be back to work starting Monday, May 4th. The running of the key business processes related to the recording of contracts and operational forecasts, REMIT-RRM reporting and clearing of transactions on the energy exchange will proceed smoothly. Should you require immediate assistance, please contact us via known email addresses and telephone numbers. Happy holidays!
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Borzen, d.o.o., the Slovenian Electricity Market Operator has – according to paragraph 5 of Article 78 of the Electricity Market Rules (Official Gazzete of RS, 74/18 and 62/19) – made the decision to start using the 25/23 system when switching to or from daylight saving time. The change will be implemented in October 2020. Currently, the time change is handled by using either 0 MWh values for the non-existent interval or using aggregate values of doubled intervals. This change is due to a pla...
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General Manager of Borzen, Karlo Peršolja about the action taken in times of global pandemic: "During the global pandemic regarding COVID-19, we are making sure that our business operations are running smoothly and efficiently. We have adapted our operating procedures to the current situation and advised our employees to work from home. However, we have provided adequate safe conditions for a handful of employees who work from the office. In this way, we are doing our part to help prevent the ...
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In these challenging times, we try to support our business partners through various measures. We are aware that both business operations and life itself are currently carried out in different way and that is why we decided to: simplify and adapt certain business operations and processes, place even more focus on digital business activity, extend some application deadlines, contact all beneficiaries of the Centre for Support who have not yet issued their invoices electronically and encourag...
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