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About Centre for RES/CHP

The Centre administers the electricity feed-in support scheme for RES (renewable energy source) and CHP (high-efficiency cogeneration) power plants.

The feed-in support scheme is a tool to subsidize and thus advance the usage of renewable technologies for the production of electricity. There are currently roughly 3700 power plants included in the scheme, predominantly hydro and PV. The total installed capacity is about 500 MW.

The feed-in scheme, as well as other tasks, are financed through dedicated add-on charges on the network fee bills of all users of electricity in Slovenia.

Power plant owners have the option of choosing between two types of support:

  • "guaranteed purchase", where CP takes over the electricity from the power plant and sells it to the market (the producer is thus included in the special balance group, operated by CP)
  • "operating premium", where the producer sells its energy on the market while CP only pays a premium as a difference between the full ("guaranteed purchase") price and the market price, which is determined ex ante on a yearly level, based also on plant type.

Producers with power plants of installed capacity over 1 MW can only receive the "operating premium" type of support.

The feed-in system is based on guarantees of origin. All producers included in the scheme must issue guarantees and transfer to CP guarantees of origin as proof of RES / CHP production.

Based on the Slovenian Energy Law, Centre carries out also the following tasks, related to:

  • fee reductions for energy intensive industries;
  • fee collection for fossil-fuels and heat;
  • management of the Guarantees of Origin registry.