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A Brief History of the Company


Borzen d.o.o. was established in the spring 2001 for the implementation of the public utility service relating to the organisation of the electricity market. At the beginning, trading between buyers and sellers took place in the form of organised weekly meetings and later on via an electronic trading platform.


In 2002, in addition to providing a daily and weekly market for preferential dispatch electricity, the company also performed daily auctions for the allocation of cross-border transmission capacities for the import and export of electricity on the Slovenian – Italian border. The year 2002 was also marked by the establishment of the Association of European Power Exchanges EuroPEX. The Association which is instrumental in the operation of the European electricity market was established by Borzen and seven other energy exchanges.


In 2004, Borzen started with the implementation of the imbalance settlement in the delivery and consumption of electricity from announced operating schedules which enabled more precise forecasts for electricity consumption and production of market participants. In the same year, a wood biomass information portal was also set up.


In 2005, the implementation of daily auctions for the allocation of cross-border transmission capacities for the import and export of electricity started on all Slovenian borders except on the Hungarian border.


In 2007, the existing central database was upgraded to the Guarantees of Origin Registry by Borzen and the Energy Agency; the Registry enables user-friendly and simple handling of Guarantees of Origin.


In 2008, Borzen established the BSP Regional Energy Exchange d.o.o jointly with the German company Eurex, an international derivatives exchange, whose aim is to establish a centralised energy trading centre in the region of SE Europe. The energy exchange activity was consequently transferred from Borzen to the new company.


In 2009, Borzen started the implementation of activities of the Centre for RES/CHP Support, the Support Scheme operator for the generation of energy from renewable energy sources and highly efficient cogeneration of heat and power.


In 2010, Borzen’s Centre for RES/CHP Support started collecting and managing the funds for programmes for increasing the efficiency of energy use in accordance with the Regulation on energy savings ensured to final customers.


Borzen marked its 10th anniversary and various activities regarding that were implemented throughout the year. Special event celebrating the anniversary was attended by the most important representatives in this field.

  • January: Market coupling on the Slovenian – Italian border started.
  • May: acquisition of the »Family friendly enterprise certificate«.
  • July: new business premises of the company.


  • January: adoption of the Act amending the Energy Act gave Borzen as a public service new powers within the Centre for Support. New powers primarily include the tasks related to information provision, awareness raising, training and the publication of information on efficient energy use and renewable energy sources.
  • October: Balancing market in Slovenia was opened.


  • September: Borzen published its first Sustainability Report according to GRI international standard
  • October: Borzen received the award for the best Annual Report 2012 in Slovenia.


  • July: Borzen received a full Certificate for Family friendly enterprise
  • April: new Supervisory Board of company Borzen: Gorazd Ažman, president; Dejan Paravan, Ph. D., vice president; Janez Černe, member.
  • May: Borzen, Slovenian power market operator, and COTEE, Montenegro power market operator, signed a Memorandum of Understanding on principles and objectives of cooperation.
  • December: web portal under a new brand SUSTAINABLE ENERGY was established, covering topics of energy efficiency and renewable energy sources.


  • January: Karol Peter Peršolja, PhD starts his anew mandat as a General Manager for the next five years.
  • February: we started publishing daily forecast of electricity production for solar, small hidro and wind power plants.
  • March: Borzen started to publish residual diagram of consumption data of the distribution networks in Slovenia.
  • July: new structure of the Supervisory Board: Chairman - Gorazd Ažman; Vice-Chairman - Janez Černe; Member - Nejc Brezovar, PhD.
  • October: Borzen starts to perform an integral service of REMIT reporting for participants in the energy market pursuing the Regulation on wholesale energy Market Integrity and Transparency (REMIT).
  • December: Borzen finalises a series of activities which were carried out throughout the year in the field of raising awareness and informing about energy efficiency and renewable energy sources (conference, competition for students, TV broadcast, all Slovenian research on energy efficiency…).


  • January: A series of 15 television programmes on sustainable energy (Eko utrinki; eng. “Eco glimpses”), created by Borzen, were broadcast on the national television channel Slovenia 1. 
  • March: Borzen marked its 15th anniversary. 
  • April: Implementation of the REMIT-RRM Reporting in accordance with the second phase of the REMIT Reporting.
  • May: Launching of the Centre for Support web portal, intended for the members of the RES and CHP support scheme. 
  • June: Borzen published a scientific monograph, entitled Renewable energy sources in Slovenia.
  • July: Borzen changed its company name from Borzen, organizator trga z električno energijo, d.o.o. to Borzen, operater trga z elektriko, d. o. o. (unification of the company name with the name of public utility service).
    The Slovenian Government granted Borzen a concession for the implementation of performing public service obligation relating to the activity of electricity market operator for a period of 20 years.
  • September: Successful organisation and outcome of the conference “Sustainable energy locally: How to achieve zero-energy buildings?”
  • October: Borzen’s general manager, Karlo Peršolja, was elected as the new member of the Europex Board.
  • November: Borzen organised a conference on transparency and integrity in the energy market.
    Borzen acquired the “Family Friendly Enterprise” certificate.
  • December: Borzen completed a series of activities, which were carried out during the year in the field of information, awareness and training on the efficient energy use and renewable energy (competition for students, web portal www.trajnostnaenergija.si etc.).


  • January:The new Rules on the Operation of Centre for RES/CHP Support come into force.
  • February: The national public service television RTV Slovenija broadcasts a series of animated cartoons entitled Lepši svet (“A Better World”), created by Borzen for educational purposes and promotion of sustainable energy.
  • April: Borzen receives an awarded given by the Slovenian financial newspaper Finance at the Energy Days Conference for the best promotional RES and EE project 2017 (for the informative series Eko utrinki – “Eco Glimpses”) as voted by online users.
  • June: On 17 June 2017, the Rules on the Changes to the Rules on the Operation of the Electricity Market come into force.
  • September:
    - In the “Best of the Best” programme, organised by AmCham Slovenia, Borzen takes third place in the category “Motivation” (with the informative series Eko utrinki – “Eco Glimpses” and environmental animated cartoon series Lepši svet – “A Better World”).
    - A successful organisation of the conference “Sustainable Energy Locally 017: Successful financing of energy efficiency measures”.
  • October: Director of Operations at Borzen, Mr. Borut Rajer, is elected as the new member of the Europex Board.
  • November:
    -Borzen organises a conference on transparency and integrity in the energy market 017.
    - Borzen receives the award for the best annual report award in the category of medium and small-sized businesses (among companies that are not public-interest entities according to the Slovenian Companies Act) given by the Slovenian daily newspaper Finance.
  • December:
    - Borzen is granted the recognition for the successful implementation and maintenance of the Family-Friendly Enterprise Certificate.
    - Borzen starts publishing the Price Index for the Slovenian Balancing Market on its website.
    - In collaboration with the Slovenian artist Klemen Slakonja, Borzen launches a music video “How beautiful you are” on social networks to raise awareness on the efficient energy use. 
    - Borzen and RTV Slovenia present new informative series Eko utrinki (“Eco Glimpses”).