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Key facts

Annually, we record over 54 TWh of electricity from closed contracts. For comparison, the average annual electricity consumption in Slovenia equals close to 14 TWh. The average annual number of members on the balancing market is over 30 members. Annually, they conclude over 3,000 transactions in the total amount of approximately 100 GWh. On average, 70 business entities are recorded on the Slovenian electricity market annually.


The support scheme consist of approximately 3,900 power plants, of which more than 3,000 are solar power plants. The approximate annual production of all units equals 1,000 GWh. The average annual support payments amount to around EUR 125 million. The average annual support amounts to around EUR 130 per MWh.


Our video content on sustainable energy has been viewed by over 3 million people. Over 4,500 children and young people have already been involved in information and awareness-raising on sustainable energy programs through our competitions and calls. 


Did you know?

Borzen has developed different dedicated software applications, such as Guarantees of Origin Registry, ADA-TS trading application, application for short-term forecasts of production from diffuse renewable sources DELFI, RRM-REMIT reporting application, financial clearing application, etc. The company also offers and provides financial clearing and settlement services.)


Our story:

As an electricity market operator Borzen helps to shape the energy market in Slovenia and, two decades ago, committed to the market and its stakeholders, the company laid the foundations for a liberalized and single electricity market. The official opening of the electricity market in Slovenia took place on 15 April 2001. At the end of the same year, trading took place on an electronic platform and before that trading was carried out through market meetings at which market participants gathered in the meeting room once a week.

The founding and establishment of Borzen also meant the establishment of the first Slovenian power exchange. In 2008, this role was entrusted to Borzen's subsidiary BSP Energy Exchange, in which we were involdved as a stakeholder until December 2022. 

Today, the key activities of the market operator ensure and enable the stable operation of the Slovenian electricity system and the transparent operation of the electricity market, as well as support the transition to a low-carbon society. 

Thank you to everyone who has been and still is co-shaping Borzen’s story.