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​Short Presentation

The company’s principal activity is the implementation of public service obligation relating to the organisation of the electricity market that includes organisation of the electricity market in the strict sense and the activities of the Centre for RES/CHP Support.

Borzen was founded on 28th March 2001 for the implementation of public utility service relating to the organisation of the electricity market and many other important activities in the Slovenian energy field connected with stimulating the use of renewable sources and the efficient use of energy. Borzen, which was previously owned by Elektro Slovenija, passed into direct ownership of the Government of Slovenia in December 2007.

As Power Market Operator, we provide and facilitate coordinated operation of the Slovenian electricity system. We execute the activities of balance scheme management, recording of closed contracts, elaboration of indicative operating schedule, imbalance settlement and financial settlement of transactions, all connected with the aforementioned activities. Within the Centre for RES/CHP support, we stimulate environmental policies and promote public awareness. The Centre for RES/CHP support is the support scheme operator for the generation of energy from renewable energy sources and highly efficient cogeneration of heat and power. 

Activities connected with energy exchange were under the responsibility of Borzen until November 2008, when responsibility was passed to the newly established company BSP Regional Energy Exchange, which was founded by Borzen and Eurex, the international derivatives exchange, in May 2008. Borzen’s strategic goal to establish a regional energy exchange in South East Europe has thereby been accomplished.

Borzen therefore helps to create a domestic and international energy field. It promotes the development of the Slovenian electricity market and market mechanisms in accordance with EU guidelines and contributes significantly to the proper functioning of the Slovenian power system, alignment of Slovenian and European legislation and integration of the Slovenian electricity market to the integrated European electricity market. The electricity market does not represent the sole scope of Borzen's operation, since it actively engages in issues connected with renewable sources, guarantees of origin, white certificates, emission allowances and natural gas. Borzen’s strengths are driven by implementation of strategic goals that are closely connected with environmental policies, since the company wishes to contribute to a better tomorrow, today. Quality service provisions must fully face the challenges of market rules and competitive environments, taking into account the regulations in this field.

Our wish is to be the best at what we do. Our business relations are based on the principle of trust. We trust in people, market and energy, and that trust is what we wish to achieve with future projects. Our market participants are our priorities. The need for quality services is self-evident for us. The satisfaction of our customers and their effective business operation is our commitment. In this regard, we are very proud of our “help desk”, which provides constant professional user's support.


At Borzen we strive for

  • sustainable development and expansion of the market and our services;
  • transparent and safe business operation;
  • reliability and quality of our services;
  • integration of the Slovenian electricity market into the international environment;
  • complete provision of information for market participants;
  • environmental awareness.