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​Affiliated Companies

Borzen is a co-founder and 50 percent owner of company BSP SouthPool.

The company BSP SouthPool provides complete and high-quality liquid, competitive, and transparent services of organised electricity market for market participants. At the moment, BSP enables trading with electricity on Slovenian and Serbian market.

Connection to BSP official web site.

Together with the German company Eurex, an international derivatives exchange, Borzen established BSP Regional Energy Exchange d.o.o in May 2008. Thereby a centralised energy trading centre in SE Europe was established and Borzen’s important strategic goal fulfilled. In November 2008, the activities of the energy exchange were transferred from Borzen to this new company. In 2010 Eurex had withdrawn from the ownership and a new partner entered the ownership. Elektro-Slovenija gave a capital injection to the BSP, thus became 50 percent owner of the company. To the day, Borzen and Elektro-Slovenija each have 50 percent share of the company.